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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Home Spa from Lily Organics

Are you looking for a way to relax, but you just can't get away from the house? Me being a new mother love the thought of feeling pampered. I just can't peel myself away from my little man long enough to go get a spa treatment. Lily Organics has come up with a wonderful product to help you get that spa fresh feeling right in your home. The box said that is a two hour vacation, and it sure is.

This product contains: cleansers, astringent, herbal moisturizer, facial herbs for a relaxing stream, a hot oil treatment, botanical enzyme exfoliant mask, lotions, creams, incense, bath oil, candle, cotton balls, relaxing tea, meditations and eye toning pads.

It is everything you need to feel great, even if you can't leave for those two hours. It is great for all skin types. Would make a great gift for anyone you feel just needs that break.

A great fact to know is:
Lily's Family is that they have been forming sine the American Revolution. During 1986 she decided to start Lily Organics Fresh Skin Care. It started as labor of love and sold to the first Wild Oats store in Boulder and one of the first Vitamin Cottages. 

I waited until my little man went to sleep for a nap, and to the bathroom I went. I was amazed that this kit included everything you needed to help you relax. Including the cotton balls! I started going through all of these little miniature containers and loved every minute of it. 

The fun ended when the baby woke up to eat. But after using this home spa, I must say I felt very refreshed and rejuvenated!

You can find this and other great products here.


Pretzel Crisps®

Since having my baby eight weeks ago, I have been trying to push myself to eat healthier. I have lost my pregnancy weight, thank goodness. I would like to continue with my weight loss journey. I have decided to cut out potato chips in this journey because they are filled with fat. 

I have been fortunate enough to be able to try all seven flavors of Pretzel Crisps®. Which are
  • Everything, which is like an everything bagel, but on a Pretzel Crisps®.
  • Buffalo Wing, its got just a little bit of a kick. 
  • Jalapeno Jack, this one will leave a sting on your tongue for a few minutes. 
  • Original, What more can I say? They taste like a Pretzel
  • Garlic Parmesan, what a great flavor. 
  • Sesame, very light tasting
  • Chipotle Cheddar, a great cheese flavor, with a little bit of spice.
 Pretzel Crisps® are great to eat alone, or with a dip. They are thin, crunchy, pretzel crackers. You can find Pretzel Crisps® here, or at your local grocery store.

Make up Miser

I absolutely hate when I get to the bottom of my foundation and  can't get the last little bits of it out so I end up throwing it out. It is such a waste of money! Now, with the Make up Miser I can get much more of it out to not waste so much money. 

A little information about Michelle, the creator. Michelle Phillips manages an exclusive Medical Day Spa operated by a prominent cosmetic Surgeon. Michelle came across a problem at the spa when the clientele was complaining that they could not get all the contents out of the lotions and creams that the spa sold. With a lot of trial and error Michelle came up with the Make Up Miser.

You can find the Make Up Miser here.

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Build A Bears- Hug A Cub

Are you looking for a great baby gift for a new little one? Something different and interesting? Look into the Hug A Cub package from Build A Bear. This is great! If you know what the new additions name is you can have it personalized. But personalized or not it is a wonderful gift. 

We received our package in the mail, and I was so excited to see what it was. Jason is just starting to get into rattles. So the first thing I see is a little blue rattle that this soft plush blue puppy. Jason LOVED it! He was giggling as his little puppy rattle gave him kisses. Also, a super soft puppy stuffed animal. A Blue puppy snuggler  which will be great for when he has to go through any of his breathing treatments and needs a snuggle friend. a very soft baby blanket. And a small bag for it all to go in, with Jason's name embroidered on it. 

I never knew that there was more to Build A Bear then the shops in the malls where you can build your bear. It is a great gift for any new parent. A chance for kids to have an animal friend to go through life with them, the good times, and the not good times. 
You can find this, and other great Build a Bear products here.

Axe Apollo

Smell is important to me. I don't want my husband to smell terrible. So finding things to help him smell good all day is important to him and I. We both hate when you take a shower, use the shower gel, and can no longer smell it when you get done showering. You just don't feel clean. 

We were given the chance to review the new scent from Axe. Axe Apollo. This is such a clean and wonderful smell. The deodorants last all day. Which is important, my husband works a very tough job, and is in the heat alot.  They have shower gel that lasts for a long time. And the shampoo is great. It is a two in one. And it does not leave your hair feeling like straw like most two in ones I have encountered. 

The cool thing is their cooling shower gel. I thought, yeah right. This isn't going to work.. It makes your body feel tingly and great. I would recommend this to any man who wants to smell great and have it last all day long! You can find out more about this product and other great things from Axe here

Snack Taxi Snack Sack

With the baby having alot of doctors appointments, and my husband always wanting to go do things, this family is on the go ALOT! Sometimes we forget to take the time to eat breakfast before we go. Or the baby's doctors appointments. Some of those last five hours.. Its a long time if you didn't eat breakfast. And we hate going to fast food! You can only eat that stuff so often. It's just bad for you. 

The snack sack is a large sack that is reusable to store whatever food you would like it. It is very stylish, and holds quite a bit. I love it. I hate using all those ziploc bags, its a waste of money. And terrible for the environment. 
You can get this and other great reusable things here.

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No Blo Umbrella Anchor

One of my favorite places to be in the summer time is the beach. I love going and just laying out in the sand. Having a picnic, playing in the water. Just everything about being out on Lake Michigan is amazing. 

I hate when I go have all of my stuff set out, and I put my umbrella in the sand, and a huge gust of wind comes, and BAM there goes my umbrella. Then I have to leave all my things behind to catch up to my umbrella. 

With the NoBlo Umbrella Anchor it is simple. You fill the bag with sand and tie it to your umbrella. Presto! There is no more embarrassing times of chasing your umbrella along the lake shore. Or having your umbrella hit kids or other families trying to enjoy their day out as well. 

I will not go to the beach without it again! You can find this here.

Bling Guard

Do you have issues with your rings slipping on your fingers? Falling off to the side so you can't see all of the pretty jewels? Do your earrings sag? Bling guard is the answer! 

  • BlingDots are an innovative and disposable earring support that relieves the pressure and weight of your earrings, and positions them perfectly onto your ears!
  • BlingGuards are a way to adjust the size of your rings and keep it in place, and looking great, without having to worry about it sliding off!
My husbands wedding ring has become to big since we got married due to him losing weight, so he never wears it anymore in fear that he is going to lose it. We put the Bling Guard on the inside of his ring, and he tried it on. It fit great. I also have been having the same problem since having the baby, and it was wonderful. You can't see them when it is on your hand so it is a very discreet way to have your ring fit. 

The Bling Dots are great as well. My earrings sometimes seem to heavy for my ears. I put them Bling Dots on, and it made my ears and earrings look great! You can find Bling Guard and Bling Dots here.

Zevia Soda

I am always looking for a good soda that isn't filled with sugars and calories. If you feel the same way, you should try Zevia. It is sweetened with Stevia. It has no calories. And it is delicious. I was a little nervous about trying this soda. I am kind of picky. 
I was given a six pack of assorted flavors to try. So as they have instructed. I put them in the fridge to get cold. And put one in the freezer to get even more cold. They say,
 " We always say cool is not cold enough!  We recommend that you drink it out of the can. It gets warm and flat in a cup!" I must say this soda is very carbonated. It is so good. 
My thoughts on each flavor:

Grapefruit Citrus: So crisp, so good! I was amazed on how great it actually tasted. 

Ginger Root Beer: My husband tried this one. Though I did have a sip. We agreed that it would make a GREAT rootbeer float. 

Cream Soda: So light tasting. It was delicious. If you love Cream soda, you would love this. 

Grape: Has alot of fizz. It doesn't taste fake at all like most grape sodas.

Cherry Cola: I was amazed on how great this tasted. It was so full of flavor. 

Ginger Ale: It tastes wonderful. It would be great for a tummy ache. Though this one did not have as much carbonation. 

Zevia has a page of recipes here

To learn more about Zevia please stop by their website

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Hug A Bib- Clip A Cloth

Every mother knows how hard it can be to keep the burp rag on your shoulder right? Or how hard it is to keep the baby's bib where it should be instead of it twisting all around? Well one mother invented  the Hug A Bib. Having a child that has acid reflux myself. This hug a bib saves him from all the drool. Hug a bib, has a little velcro strap that goes around the baby down by his middle back to help the bib stay put! It is such a wonderful thing. All moms know how easy a bib moves. 

The mother and inventor of the hug a bib, knew all to well how hard it is when your baby is constantly spitting up. Her daughter was born with an underdeveloped stomach valve. So she was constantly spitting up. 

My son having acid reflux, it is about the same. He is either spitting up or drooling everywhere. When I put a normal bib on, he moves so much already that the bib moves around ALL THE TIME. I tried the hug a bib on him, and it stayed put. I put him in his car seat, the bib stayed. My husband and I can play with him all day, the bib stays. You can find the hug a bib here.

Ambre Noir Eau De Toilette

Ambre Noir is a fragrance for men which combines wonderful woodsy aromas of patchouli with its aromas of earth, amber and vanilla. It is a very intense and seductive smell. It has hints of cedar and lavender. It is a very soft and subtle smell. Yet very rich. The fragrance will last all day with just two sprays. It has gotten lots of compliments since my husband has been wearing it. He absolutely loves it! 

I have let a few women I know smell this to see if this is something that they would want there significant other to wear this fragrance. Every one of them no matter the age said yes immediately. Ambre Noir has a very elegant look even to the bottle. The cap is wood. The box is black. Very bold looking. You can find Ambre Noir, and other great Yves Rocher here

Sunday, May 26, 2013

BSkinz Skort

Being a new mom, I am trying to lose weight. Not just get off that pregnancy weight, but work on getting a little extra off. If you like working out, I have found a great place to get good looking, and fun apparel! B-skinz has the latest and greatest fashions for your exercise needs.

A little background into B-skinz company. B-skinz was founded in 2007 by Carolyn Sammarro and Stacey Sorrention. It is there mission at B-skinz to manufacturer all of their products right here in the United States. They also want to provide everyone to have their own sense of style when working out. B-skinz provides a line of customizable compressions spandex active wear for everyone. Their product line offeres over 125 patterns and solids to choose from. 

They let me review a skort. Now I will admit, a skort wasn't really something I thought would be comfortable to work out in. I LOVE IT! It is so comfortable, it fits me perfect. It is super cute, and could be worn any where.

Baby Banz Beach Tent

I received my BabyBanz Beach Tent in the mail, and we took it outside immediately to put it up and check it out. My husband took it out of the package, and I read the directions. This tent isn't like most tents where you have to figure out which tent post goes where, and it takes up to half an hour to set up. It is super simple.

You simply pull the cord at the top up, two pieces of heavy duty plastic connect and BAM you have your tent ready to go for you and your kids. This tent is SPF 50. Which is great for young kiddos. It has two windows on the side, and a vent at the top so even the little kiddos can get the beach breeze. It not only has pegs that go into the sand but nice little sand pockets for even more stabilization. It is very roomy inside. I am sure my husband, me, and our baby could all lay comfortable in it. And usually when putting a tent back in its carrying case, it takes another ten minutes. This literally took one minute to put back in. It is easy to set up, easy to tear down, easy to put away, and not to large, so great to store.

This tent will also be great for family picnics, or just summer time fun. I can not wait to get outside and get use of this all summer long! You can find Baby Banz tent and other great products HERE

Saturday, May 25, 2013


I got a chance to review Woolzies today in the mail, so curious I started to use them right away. Woolzies are six wool shaped balls that you put in the dryer, rather then using dryer sheets or fabric softener. I being a new mother am doing laundry it seems like a load every other day. So I was in the middle of doing laundry when the mail came. I put all of them in. I am going to be honest, I wasn't to confident that they would do everything that the company says. But to my surprise, they did reduce my drying time, by alot.

Woolzies are all natural handmade in New Zeeland. They soften your laundry naturally without all the harsh chemicals that average fabric softeners have. They also help reduce static and wrinkles. Even if you are allergic to wool, Woolzies are safe to use.

The great thing, Woolzies are guaranteed to last for at least one thousand loads! Woolzies can be found here!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Skinny Pop Popcorn

I received Skinny Pop popcorn in the mail today for my husband and I to try. Him being the big popcorn eater in the family, he had to try it right away. The great thing about Skinny Pop is it is only 39 calories per cup. It is lightly salted, and has sunflower seed oil. It doesn't have the grease all over it like other popcorn. It is so light and delicious. There is zero trans fat. It is cholesterol free. Skinny Pop takes pride in being a guilt free snack. It is easy to flavor to taste, without feeling guilty that you are snacking. 

My husband and I tried skinny pop with some dried ranch powder. It was so great! We are going to the drive inn this week and I am so excited that we can just bring this to the movies instead of spending money on something so unhealthy!  Find skinny pop here.

MAVEA Elemaris XL

Being a new mom, and trying to nurse I need to keep up on drinking fluids. I must say I always feel to busy to make sure I am keeping up on my fluid intake. I was given the chance to review a Mavea Elamaris XL water pitcher with filter. I got my package quickly in the mail. I opened it up, and they sent me my favorite color, green. This water pitcher comes in four different colors; red, black, green, and purple. I was so excited to be able to start using this.

My husband hates the way our city water tastes. He says he can taste chemicals and fluoride in our water. I myself was a bit nervous to start using this, as I have had issues with getting the filters ready to use in other products. So, I opened up the instruction manual. It was so simple! I got the filter ready, and filled my pitcher up with water. I pushed the convenient start button on the filter. This measures the waters hardness, volume, and time. So you know when to replace your filter. The water tastes wonderful. Even my husband loves it. It makes there be no excuse to drink water. There is also a spot to put the water in through the top instead of having to take the lid of the pitcher off every time you need to refill it. I am sure this will help keep me and my family hydrated. Especially through the summer months. You can find this and many more mavea products Here

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Zipz Shoes

I was given the opportunity to review Zipz Shoes. I got my package in the mail very quick after ordering. They were packaged very nice. I was very excited to see these shoes, because the concept just seemed different. You see, the great thing about Zipz shoes is that instead of having hundreds of pairs of shoes, you can just buy new panels and zip them on the soles. They are great for traveling. Zipz will even let you design your own pair if you can't find a pair you like in one of there many choices.

I went with a simple black lo-top. A shoe that could go with everything. When I first tried these shoes on, I thought they would need to be broke in. To my surprise they were very comfortable right from the start. I wore them the whole day. Every where I went people were asking questions, and I was showing off the zippers on the shoes. I must admit, I was a bit nervous to try to unzip the shoe, in fear that it wouldn't zip back up. But it went very smooth.

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that are very comfortable, and great for many occasions, and all weather, try zipz. They are also available in Hi-tops and Slip ons. You can find Zipz shoes on twitter and facebook.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Hello Everyone, and Welcome to my Blog

Hello Everyone. Welcome to my blog. Here I will be reviewing products that can help you with your everyday life. Whether it is something to help you with baby. Or something to help mom or dad. I hope you all will enjoy! Thanks for stopping!