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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Baby Banz Beach Tent

I received my BabyBanz Beach Tent in the mail, and we took it outside immediately to put it up and check it out. My husband took it out of the package, and I read the directions. This tent isn't like most tents where you have to figure out which tent post goes where, and it takes up to half an hour to set up. It is super simple.

You simply pull the cord at the top up, two pieces of heavy duty plastic connect and BAM you have your tent ready to go for you and your kids. This tent is SPF 50. Which is great for young kiddos. It has two windows on the side, and a vent at the top so even the little kiddos can get the beach breeze. It not only has pegs that go into the sand but nice little sand pockets for even more stabilization. It is very roomy inside. I am sure my husband, me, and our baby could all lay comfortable in it. And usually when putting a tent back in its carrying case, it takes another ten minutes. This literally took one minute to put back in. It is easy to set up, easy to tear down, easy to put away, and not to large, so great to store.

This tent will also be great for family picnics, or just summer time fun. I can not wait to get outside and get use of this all summer long! You can find Baby Banz tent and other great products HERE

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