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Thursday, May 23, 2013

MAVEA Elemaris XL

Being a new mom, and trying to nurse I need to keep up on drinking fluids. I must say I always feel to busy to make sure I am keeping up on my fluid intake. I was given the chance to review a Mavea Elamaris XL water pitcher with filter. I got my package quickly in the mail. I opened it up, and they sent me my favorite color, green. This water pitcher comes in four different colors; red, black, green, and purple. I was so excited to be able to start using this.

My husband hates the way our city water tastes. He says he can taste chemicals and fluoride in our water. I myself was a bit nervous to start using this, as I have had issues with getting the filters ready to use in other products. So, I opened up the instruction manual. It was so simple! I got the filter ready, and filled my pitcher up with water. I pushed the convenient start button on the filter. This measures the waters hardness, volume, and time. So you know when to replace your filter. The water tastes wonderful. Even my husband loves it. It makes there be no excuse to drink water. There is also a spot to put the water in through the top instead of having to take the lid of the pitcher off every time you need to refill it. I am sure this will help keep me and my family hydrated. Especially through the summer months. You can find this and many more mavea products Here

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