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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Skinny Pop Popcorn

I received Skinny Pop popcorn in the mail today for my husband and I to try. Him being the big popcorn eater in the family, he had to try it right away. The great thing about Skinny Pop is it is only 39 calories per cup. It is lightly salted, and has sunflower seed oil. It doesn't have the grease all over it like other popcorn. It is so light and delicious. There is zero trans fat. It is cholesterol free. Skinny Pop takes pride in being a guilt free snack. It is easy to flavor to taste, without feeling guilty that you are snacking. 

My husband and I tried skinny pop with some dried ranch powder. It was so great! We are going to the drive inn this week and I am so excited that we can just bring this to the movies instead of spending money on something so unhealthy!  Find skinny pop here.

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