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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Zeenie Dollz

Recently I was introduced to a great new line of dolls for young girls. 

They are called Zeenie Dollz and they stand for a great cause.

There are five different dolls that stand up for nature. These would be a 

perfect fit for any young girl. I do not think that I have seen 

any doll like this before. These dolls represent Eco Warriors sent from 

Mother Earth to rescue the planet. Which sends a great message

to young girls and also teaches them about Mother Nature and what is 

important? I like how these dolls can have special messages 

behind them to help young girls get educated. 

I was able to review one of their dolls from their collection. I was able to 

review Lina from their collection. She was decent size when I 

received her and in great condition. She was bigger than the average 

doll and better structure. Lina stands for the protector of the 

rainforests. She also come with a pet called ocelot. Together they work 

hard to protect the rainforest and the species from 

deforestations. Lina is made from recyclable materials. I have never 

heard of dolls made from recyclable materials. Which I think is quite 

interesting. These dolls come with a brush, luggage tag and a colorful 

bracelet and ocelot. These dolls would make a great new edition

to your doll collection. You can find them on their website to pre order.

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