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Monday, September 23, 2013


A local television station is having a contest, and of course I have entered my son. Seeing how he is the cutest little man in my opinion. I was hoping all my readers could vote for Jason 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

BenBat Total Baby Body Support

I was given the chance to test out a BenBat Total Baby Body Support. I was very excited to test this item out. I, as well as any parent, want to make sure that my child has to most safe and comfortable ride. Whether it be in the babies car seat, stroller, bouncer, or what ever else I could fit this great support system on. 

I know that everything I found before my little man was born was only for head support in car seats and such. I didn't really like the thought. He is the most important thing in my life. And I want to make sure with all of our travels (we travel alot) that my son is completely safe in his car seat. So I installed this into his car seat since he spends most of his time there. 

One of the things I love the most is how easy it is. There is no trying to figure out how to get this piece connected correctly into your car seat. This also makes it easy for moving it to the stroller, or bouncer seat with only one hand.  

I also love how it is two sided. A nice warm velboa side for the colder months. And a very nice printed side for the summer months. My son's head gets very sweaty a good majority of the time, so I flipped just the head rest to the summer side, and the rest is the velboa side as it is starting to get cold out and I want to make sure he doesn't get cold. I think it is great that you can also just use the head rest alone without the rest of the body support. 

There is also rattles located in the bottom where the child's feet are at rest to give them something to occupy themselves while in the car or stores. There is also a piece that you can connect your child's pacifier to the support so it is not getting lost in the car seat while trying to drive to grandma's house. 

A few great points about this total body support from BenBat are:
  • The head rest is not only a total support for your child's head and neck. It has helped keep my son from getting a flat head. 
  • The summer fabric is a breathable fabric that helps your child from sweating.  
  • There is an added strap to help grow with your child. 
  • This product is meant for children up to twelve months. 

You can find out more about this product and many other great products from BenBat here.
Or you can find them on facebook here.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

MAM Sippy Cups

I am just starting to get my son to learn how to use a sippy cup. It is very important to me for a lot of different reasons for him to know how to drink out of a sippy and not just be stuck on a bottle. 

That being said, I was given the chance to review two different MAM Sippy Cups. The first one is called the Trainer. It is a 8 oz cup with a soft spout that is spill proof. Perfect for little ones just starting to learn how to use a sippy. This cup is BPA free which I know if very important for many parents. Also, the little handles on it are perfect for little ones just learning how to hold something on their own. 

So I put it to the test. My son figured out how to drink from this cup within two minutes. The soft spout really was great for him since he is just now teething. It didn't seem to bother him one bit. This cup has become so helpful to me, he never really cared to old his own bottle or cup. Not because he couldn't he showed me he could by three months, but because he knew I would do it. I love that he has become more independent because of this sippy cup. My favorite part of this cup. NO LEAKS! 

I also love the cute little design on this cup. My baby shower for my little man was themed monsters, so he got plenty of monster clothes, and other things, so this fits perfect with all of his out fits. I must say this cup is amazing. The handles are removable to make it nice and easy to wash this cup and for when  or if your baby doesn't do well with handles. 

The next cup I would like to tell you about from MAM is the 6 oz Learn to Drink Cup. This cup is great for children transitioning from bottle or breast, and into sippy cups. This cup is the perfect size for little tummies just starting to drink things other then breast milk or formula. 

This cup was very simple, a harder spout on it to help little ones from chewing. There is a valve inside of the cup to help prevent the babies drink from spilling out when it is not in use. The way that it is shaped makes it much easier for a baby to use when learning. 

Over all I must say both of these cups are a must. Both of them are easy for your little ones to get used too. And both of them have no issues with leaking. I highly recommend. You can find these two products and many more at your local department stores, or online here.  

TV Store Online Holiday Gift Guide

My husband and I are jeans and screen print t shirt kind of people. We are always trying to find new shirts that have some hilarious saying on them. Which can be hard to find. So when I found the TV Store Online I was so excited! 

I went through their whole entire website, and there are so many different choices. If you are looking for t shirts from your favorite movie, or tv show. They have it. Looking for something with a funny saying. They have got it. It seems like they have not just a little bit of everything.. But a massive amount of choices. 

This shirt was my choice from TV Store Online. My husband has a love for condiments, so I thought this would be great. 

I was a little worried about what the quality would be like of the t shirt and the screen print on it. I get nervous if I can't see it before I get it first hand. I was so impressed! The t shirt is a nice cotton Hanes t shirt. The quality of the screen print is amazing. I have put it through the wash a few times to make sure the shirt did not shrink real bad and the screen print didn't crack or anything in it. It has come out great every time. 

My husband has also wore this shirt out in public a few times, my favorite comment was from a greeter in our local grocery store. A little elderly lady stopped him, read his shirt and looked him right in the eye, " I put ketchup on my ketchup too." And let out a little giggle. It was the sweetest thing ever. 

While browsing the options at TV Store Online they have awesome things from Pawn Stars. Including a polo that looks like their uniform shirts.. What a inexpensive and amazing Halloween costume, or just a shirt to show that you are a fan. And it isn't just current TV shows and movies. They have a huge assortment from the eighties and nineties as well. 

They also have great costumes. My favorites include, Saved By The Bell, and Magnum PI. The possibilities are huge! 

To find great T shirts and costumes, among with a few other things please visit TV Store Online here.