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Monday, March 31, 2014

Kicking Horse Kick Ass Coffee Review and Giveaway

I would like to start off by telling you a bit of information on the background of Kicking Horse Coffee. Kicking Horse started as a kick starter company. They were selling the coffee out of their garage. They take selective beans and only roast small amounts at a time. The coffee beans are packaged on the same day to make sure they are at their freshest for the customers. Freshness is very important to Kicking Horse

Kicking Horse does not just make your typical run of the mill coffee. I personally was able to try Kick Ass, and let me tell you, it definitely helped me get a serious pep into my step. This coffee, just pulling off the freshness tab had a great aroma. I was so excited. I definitely started grinding up my beans right away for my first pot. And, I definitely popped a few into my mouth to see what the flavor would be. Kick Ass is a dark roasted coffee with a smoky and sweet flavor. There is no words to describe how great this coffee is. 

I was very satisfied that for the price, Kicking Horse coffee really does make it worth your money. 

To find out more information about Kicking Horse click here. You can also find Kicking Horse on

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Inbru Review and Giveaway

I want to start off by saying, I love love love flavored coffee!!! That being said, I absolutely hate paying the high prices it costs to have that flavored coffee. I have found the perfect solution, Inbru is a sugar-free, fat-free, calorie-free, carb-free way to enjoy your morning (or in my case, all day) cup of joe. It also is gluten free, soy and nut free. So, it is great for everyone! 

It is wonderful! You have twenty three different flavors to choose from. When you get them, it is so simple.You add one scoop to every six ounces of coffee you plan to make into your coffee grounds before brewing. 

Another great thing about Inbru, you don't have to just brew this in your coffee. If you are a tea drinker, you can brew it into your tea as well. Making  more possibilities for you to enjoy great flavors for less then half the value. 

How is Inbru made you ask? "Inbru Coffee Flavors are made from Natural California Rice Hulls, the tough parchment surrounding and protecting each grain of rice as it grows and develops. When hulls are removed from rice during milling, the product is familiar pure brown rice. The hulls, however, are generally discarded. Rice hulls are an excellent natural flavor carrier. In fact, rice hulls are often used by home beer brewers as a filter medium because the material is absolutely taste-neutral, natural, and will not dissolve when exposed to high temperatures, moisture and pressure."

My favorite flavor from Inbru is the mountain hazelnut. Really all of the flavors I have tried so far have been great. I really love that I can get that great flavored coffee taste for much cheaper then the flavored coffees you can buy in store, and without all of the calories of coffee creamers. 

You can find more about Inbru here.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Newmans Own Organics Review and Giveaway!

Newman’s Own Organics is a company that sells a large variety of certified organic products. Newman’s Own Organics products are made with the best organic ingredients that have been grown on farms that use no pesticides or artificial fertilizers.  There products include Pretzles, Chocolate Bars, Fig Newmans, Cookies, Pop Corn, Vinegar, Coffee, Dried Fruit, Mints, Tea, Licorice and even Pet Food.

I recently was sent a box of a bunch of different NOO products to try out and let you know about. My husband and I were so excited. We didn't realize there are so many different goodies. When I thought of organic, I thought of fruits, and veggies. Nothing super exciting, but NOO really did surprise me! 

The first product I would like to tell you about that we just loved was the Newman’s Own Organics Cinnamon Hot Mints.

My husband and I would try to hide these mints from one another, because we both just loved them so much. This isn't a mint if you just want to pop one and be done. These are super addicting, I must warn you. We had the whole container gone in just a few short days. Another thing I love about all of the NOO mints, are the super cute little tins. Nothing out of the ordinary. 

The next product I would love to talk to you about is the great different flavors of licorice. 

I don't know what it is lately, but I have been on a serious licorice kick. That being said, I get sick of eating the same flavor all the time. NOO has seven different flavors of licorice twists. Not just the every day black and strawberry, though they have those as well. They also carry, Sour Cherry, Sour Apple, Sour Mango, and Sour Strawberry. Along with those came my absolute favorite out of all of the flavors. Pomegranate, and also the tangerine. These licorice twist are bursting with flavor! I can not remember a time in my life where I have had better licorice. Needless to say, those were gone pretty fast. Even though I only allowed my husband one piece of each. 

My husband was head over heels for their family recipe cookies. I did try a few myself, and I loved how they were great alone, but also great with coffee or milk. Not to sweet, and not to crunchy. Just perfect. 

Newmans Own Organics also has a great line of cream filled cookies. So much better then the leading brands. They did not leave my mouth feeling like I just got done chewing on a piece of wax. 

My overall opinion about Newmans Own Organics: All of the products I taste tested, I loved! I am always looking for foods that are better for you. And I have found them. This company is wonderful, and has had many years of experience, and I hope many more to come! 

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lenny And Larry's Muscle Brownie Review

Being a newer mom, I have a problem sitting down to eat a meal with a little guy running around the house. So, a lot of times I find myself trying to find a healthy snack to eat during the day that will give me the energy that I need to get me through a day. 

I tried the Muscle Brownies first, and it was the perfect blend of chocolate. It didn't taste like your typical protein bar. You can not tell at all that it is jam packed with protein. But after wards you will feel full and know that you have more energy to be able to keep going with your day. 

There are so many great products from Lenny and Larry's 

I was also able to try the complete cookies. There is nothing more to say except they taste simply amazing. There is not one product that I have tried from Lenny and Larry's that I didn't love. My biggest problem with these great bars is that everyone in my house wanted to eat them. You can find all these great products and many many more here. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Shave Well Fog Free Mirror Review

Sharing a bathroom can be tough in a relationship. My whole time my husband and I have been together, he has shaved while I was in the shower. And every time this happens, he complains about how my "too hot" shower is fogging up the mirror, making him unable to see while he is shaving. 

With The Shave Well Company this complaint is out the window. I was so excited to set this mirror up. The next morning while getting ready, my husband went to shave, as I showered. And not one time did I hear about how I was fogging up the mirror, or anything about my steaming hot shower was effecting his shaving. 

What I also think is great about this mirror is that you can set it up right in the shower. If you visit The Shave Well Company website (here) they will tell you all of the amazing reason why shaving should be done in the shower. It only takes three minutes in the shower to help soften facial hair up enough to shave without having all the pain and bumps that I know most men experience.

You can find more about this product here

Monday, March 24, 2014

Skwooshi Review

I was recently given the chance to check out an amazing new product called Skwooshi. Skwooshi is a great mold-able dough that will never dry out. When I received this product, I was wondering what it would actually feel like. I grew up in a family that made our own dough to play with, and I tend to like that feeling. To my surprise, Skwooshi does feel different then home made dough, but the feeling is AMAZING! I am sure that this product is meant for children to play with, as it is a dough that will not dry out if it gets left out. Which really, as parents we all know that can get costly if your childrens dough is not stored properly. 

I took Skwooshi out of the package, and I was so amazed in how great it felt. I don't feel like this is just a product a child could benefit from. I feel like any stressed out adult can use this versus a stress ball. I myself, have small hands so the standard stress balls don't work well with my hands. Just end up hurting them in the end. I also feel like if you are looking for an activity to do with your children that is going to keep both you and your children occupied for a long amount of time, this is the product. 

Another great thing about Skwooshi is that it is gluten and wheat free. Which is great for all kids with allergies. To find out more about Skwooshi please click here

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kit-Cat Clocks Review

Are you looking for a creative clock for your home? I have found the one for any one and everyone! Kit-Cat clocks have the original Kit-Cat clock. I have seen these clocks in movies, and on television shows, and always wondered if you could just get one of these for your own home. I never could figure out where to get them. I stumbled upon Kit-Cat while trying to find one of these clocks for our new home we are in the middle of purchasing because I thought it would be great for my son to watch as he does his breathing treatments. 

I set this clock up. I was surprised to see it only takes two "c" batteries. I don't know, but I thought it would take more then that to run the clock. I have it currently in my kitchen, because I set it up while my son was eating his lunch. He LOVES this clock. I put it on the wall, and he watches it while he eats. He goes into the kitchen, just to watch the clock on the wall. When he is upset for any reason, all I have to do is show him the clock. This clock is saving my ears right now, when I have a sad little man. 

I must say, this clock was so easy to set up, came in the cutest packaging. Looks like it should for how long these clocks have been around. The Kit-Cat clock now comes in an assortment of colors as well. There are also lady Kit-Cat clocks (one is pictured above). As well as gentlemen Kit-Cat clocks (pictured below). There is surely to be the puuuurrrfect clock for your home decor. 

Aside from just the classic Kit-Cat clocks, they also have amazing accessories for any cat lover. Such as these wonderful, and adorable earrings. 

With the great prices on these items, I am sure that I will be getting clocks for multiple rooms in my new house. To find all these great products, and more products from Kit-Cat click here. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

FunBites Review

I recently was given the opportunity to try a great product, called FunBites. Now, I must start by saying, when I was a child, my mother used these amazing sandwich cutters to put my sister and my sandwiches in great shapes. Which for some reason made the sandwich always taste better. I am going to be completely honest right now and just come out with some truth. I used that sandwich cutter until I was way older then what the normal kid would be to have their sandwich cut in fun shapes. With that being said, I am sure everyone knows that I was so excited to be able to check FunBites out. 

FunBites really is great for more then just the picky eater. Which I am sure all you parents with kids that just look at something without trying it and say, "I don't like it." Are always looking for something to try and make their meals a little more fun, so they will try it.

 With FunBites you can pick your shape that you would like to make your food, and place it over the food and sort of rock it. Then you push the popper through the cutter piece and the food pops right out. 

I must also add that this is a great product for when you have little ones that need bite size pieces to eat. My son is just turning one, and is really into eating "big people food" but I get so nervous giving him big chunks of food, and it is time consuming when your little one is screaming because he is hungry, and you are trying to cut up all those foods for them. With FunBites you can get whatever food out you would like to use, yes ladies and gentlemen this is not just made for sandwiches. You can use this on fruits, vegetables, cheese, soft meats. You can make any meal and every meal fun with this product. And so quick, simple, and easy. Which makes it an "A" product in my book. You can find out more about this product here.  

Monday, March 10, 2014

Kinderglo Review and Giveaway

My son LOVES lights. He always wants his own to hold, but I am always so nervous that the children's lights are going to end up getting to warm or he can hurt himself pulling the cords down to get to his night lights I have for him. Looking for some kind of alternative, I came upon Kinderglo

Kinderglo has a great alternative for any child that needs that little extra comfort at night. Or has that obsession with lights like my son does. The Kinderglo lights are fun for the kids because they come in many different animal shapes as well as a cute little moon shape that is easy for small hands to carry. 

More great things about Kinderglo, with one charge to your light, the battery will last about eight to ten hours. Which is great if you are like me and forgetful with charging things on a daily basis. That being said, you also don't have to worry about replacing batteries because your Kinderglo comes with a charger. Which is great, because all you parents know you can go through what seems like hundreds of batteries in a year on your childs favorite toys. 

I think it is great that your little one is safe to put their mouths on this product without you having to worry about what it is actually made out of. If you are charging this and the power goes out, your Kinderglo will automatically turn on. 

You can also choose between two settings, you can have the light stay on for thirty minutes for your little one to feel secure while falling asleep at night, or have it run continuously if your little one is having a rough night. You can also choose whether you would like it to cycle through a rainbow of colors, or you can have it stay on one solid color for your little ones enjoyment. 

Kinderglo is giving all readers 20% off if you order from their online store. All you have to do is click here, and when you are ready to check out enter the code: LITTLEHELPER

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Love Bottle

I am always looking for a sturdy water bottle I can take any where. Love Bottle has just that. I am someone who loves to drink water, but I hate paying for a bottle of water that is not any better then the water I have at home. I also hate knowing that I am contributing to all of the plastic issues going on in our world. I have tried many reusable water bottles. They usually don't end up lasting. I get them confused with people around me. I like having something interesting that is different unique and my own. 

With Love Bottle you have just that. The Love Bottle comes in all different sizes. You can also get so many things on your Love Bottle. Overall, I think my favorite part of the Love Bottle is the awesome top. It really looks like an old school bottle from a long ways back. I know that with my Love Bottle  I can drink the proper amount of water everyday without having to worry about my water bottle getting confused with others. Or breaking because of how sturdy the glass really is. 

If you are looking for a water bottle that is long lasting and not having a long lasting bad effect on our planet you should really check out Love Bottle here

Friday, March 7, 2014

Potty Patrol Review and Giveaway

Potty Patrol is an amazing product!
Potty Patrol's Potty Training Alarm Diapers are designed to notify you and your child when wetting occurs, so that you can place your child on the toilet immediately. Being placed on the toilet while the event is still fresh in your child’s mind helps them make the connection between cause and effect more quickly and effectively.
The alarm on the Potty Patrol diapers recognizes when your child has urinated and sounds off. The sound beeps a few times then plays "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" two times.

My nephew Jonah and his eager mother used Potty Patrol to aid with Jonah's potty training. Jonah expressed that he wanted to use the potty but getting there in time was another story. Within a few days, Jonah was loving his Potty Patrol; a few times his mother heard the alarm, went to bring him to the potty only to find, he was already on his way there! He was correlating the idea! Yay! Sweet potty training progress! I expect great success with Jonah and I can't wait to tell him all about his Potty Patrol days as he gets older (hehe such a mean aunt )
A special thank you to Potty Patrol for giving Little Helpers in Life this opportunity to work with them. We received these items free of charge from Potty Patrol. No monetary compensation was received or offered, nor were we under any obligation to write about this product. All opinions expressed are honest thoughts. We were not offering any sales or taking orders for this item. We will not receive any compensation in connection with any sales of this item.

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