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Monday, June 30, 2014

Frozen Bean Review

Before becoming a stay at home mom, I was addicted to coffee house drinks. The frappes were the best! I would go every day and get my self a super (24 ounce) drink. And everyday, I would suck that down, knowing I just paid close to seven dollars for that one drink. And I didn't care, because how else was I supposed to get something that delicious without paying the high prices?

I had to stop with my expensive frappe drinking habits, when my husband and I decided that me staying at home would be best for our son. I had gone a long time without that drink that I really wanted. That was until I found Frozen Bean

Frozen Bean sent me a few samples to test out, and let you all know about. So, once I got these in the mail, I decided the next morning before my husband and I left our house I wanted to make myself one of these drinks. So, I decided though this comes with coffee mixed into it for you. I like extra strong coffee, so I mixed my Hazelnut Mocha Latte with coffee and ice and blended it up. 

My husband was not ready to try this drink. He isn't a fan of Hazelnut. My response after tasting it was, that is fine more for me. I put it into a travel cup and off we went. He went with his normal coffee. While we were driving in the car, I kept telling him about how great this was. It really tastes like a drink you would pay seven plus dollars for. He finally caved, and actually tried it. He loved it as well. It then became a fight to the finish. 

The great thing about Frozen Bean, there is something for everyone. If you don't like the coffee drinks, there are many different options for you to find. You can blend these with milk, water, or coffee. Whatever you would like. It makes the drink personal to your liking. 

There are chai flavors, carnival flavors,  creme blends. The possibilities are really endless. 

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