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Monday, June 16, 2014

HomeRight SteamMachine Plus Review

As a mother, I am very worried about the best for my son. Now that he is starting to really run around,  I am even more concerned with germs around my house. Especially with two dogs coming in and out of my house. 

This being said, I wanted to find an easy cleaning solution to help kill all the germs, and make cleaning way easier. Any one that has had children knows, you only can get things you need to get done when your little one is not wanting your attention. 

Home Right is a great company that offers many different products to help make life a bit easier for many different aspects of your life. 

 One product that Home Right has is the SteamMachine Plus. I have never owned a steamer in the past, nor have I ever used one. So this was definitely a new experience for me. I was so excited about this machine. I knew that others have said how much they love their steam machines, but I never knew what all they could do. 

This machine has EVERYTHING! When I first received the package, I was so excited. My husband was also. I took it out of the box, and started looking through the instructions to see what all I had to do. It was so simple. The machine comes with a measuring cup that will help you measure the perfect amount of water. It also comes with a funnel so you are not making a huge mess, while trying to clean up life's messes. 

I measured the water out, and put it in the machine, screwed the cap on, and turned the machine on. It literally took just thirty seconds for the water to be ready.

Because of this machine being able to easily pop into the mop handle that comes with it, it makes it so much easier to steam clean the floors. I have a VERY large kitchen, with an eat in area, plus a dining room. I steam cleaned all of this flooring in under twenty minutes. I didn't have to refill the machine one time. Though, I did have to stop and re plug it in in different areas. Which is to be expected with how big of an area I was cleaning. I also love that it dried so quickly. I didn't have to worry about my son slipping and falling, like I would if I had mopped the floor. My back hurt a heck of a lot less then it usually does when I clean the floor. And this machine got stains of my floor that I didn't even know they were there. Just thought it was apart of the design on my linoleum. 

This started me on a cleaning frenzy. I moved it outside to do my car windows. Then after my husband  left for work, I found myself finding things I could clean. 

I tried around the toilet  worked great! I tried the oven, worked wonders. I tried everything! Including getting weird stains that had shown up in my carpet. Everything just came clean. 

I must say this one has all the extras. I love this machine! It will definitely be my go to for as much cleaning as I can find for it! 

You can find this and other great products here.

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