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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mommy MD Books Review

Being a parent for the first time, or even again after a few years can bring up a lot of questions. Even starting at the hospital, like why do they do the newborn screen? What all do I really NEED to have to help me do what's best for my baby?

Everyone knows all the questions that go through every new parents head when their little one comes into this world. 
The Mommy MD Guide is great! You can read it cover to cover. It goes along on a month by month basis, so you know what to expect and don't have to worry so much if there are questions you want answered. 

This book has tips that 70 different doctors who are also mothers. This book has a contents section in the front of the book to help you if you are trying to find a certain section. Also has an index in the back for the same reason. We all know when there is something wrong you want to figure it out as fast as possible, and it can be very frustrating to not be able to find information fast. This book has been made so you can either use it as a quick reference or just read the book cover to cover. 

I am so happy I will be able to use this for the next year to help me with all my questions about my little man! 

You can find this book and other amazing books from Mommy MD Guides here.

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