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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lovely Candy Company Review and Giveaway

I live in a house hold of candy lovers. We all have a huge sweet tooth. I just hate knowing what terrible things are in the candy at your local convenience store. So, when I found Lovely Candy Co. I was super excited to see that they are a company that are non gmo AND gluten free. I received six flavors to sample and tell everyone about. Let me tell you about all of them. I can't pick favorites here, because honestly they are all so good. My husband even likes them and he is picky. I have had to hide them from both of us multiple times. 

Chocolate Chews were my son and my husbands favorite. I loved that they didn't taste fake. They don't stick to your teeth at all. Which is great. They have a more rich real chocolate flavor. 

Super Fruit Chews are a great fruit flavored candy. They did stick to the paper a little, but I am positive it is from Michigan humid weather. Never the less, I got quickly addicted. This bag has three flavors, Blueberry, Cranberry, and Raspberry. 

These are some of the thickest caramels I have ever seen in my life. They are so great! If you are ever having a craving two of these will take care of it. And you think, caramel it is going to stick to your teeth. But, it doesn't! These are so so delicious. 

Raspberry Chocolate Chews are the perfect blend of Chocolate and Raspberry. So soft and chewy. 

In this bag you will find apple , blackberry, and cherry chews. These are vegan approved. They have real fruit in every chew. 

Ok, so these Chocolate Swirl Caramels. They are the perfect blend of chocolate and caramel. And just like the regular caramels, they are so big! These are definitely one candy that haven't lasted long in my house. 

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  1. Chocolate chocolate & more chocolate...that's my fave! :p

  2. I love all candy. I have not met a candy I did not like.

  3. I love anything that combines chocolate & caramel! Or chocolate & coconut...or chocolate & peanut butter. I guess chocolate is the key!