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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Kleenslate Concepts Review

Coming into a time when I am going to start teaching my son letters and numbers, I have started pondering ideas on how to make learning fun. I stumbled upon KleenSlate Concepts, and couldn't be more pleased. 

The whole concept with this product is that you can use this in the classroom, or even at home to help your young ones learn more. The greatest part in my opinion is that you can get different prints on the boards themselves. Making it much easier to teach different things with the same tool. 

Kleenslate is a dry erase board that is attached to a handle so that if you are a teacher in a classroom, and want your students to have a fun and exciting way to answer questions, and help them get more interactive with learning, you can simply give one to each student. The possibilities are simply endless with this great learning tool. You can use it for spelling words. They even have pictures of the map of the USA. The children can raise their clean slate in the air when they are finished, for you to quickly check their work. 

You can also use this in business meetings, amongst other places. I do love the idea of these, and can't wait to start using it with my son. I also forgot to mention, Kleenslate comes with a cloth to wipe your board down when you are finished. And even comes in different colors. 

If you would like to learn more about this great product, please click here

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