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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Nick Sticks Review and Giveaway

My family and I LOVE beef and turkey sticks. I hate getting them though, because I know how bad they actually are. The last time I bought a beef stick from the store I couldn't even eat it because of all the grease that was coming out of it. It really made me want to throw up. 
I do try to eat organic. Since I have been nursing especially, because I know what goes into my body, goes into my sons. And I don't want him to have anything bad going in to his body. I want to give him the best chance at life. 
I found Nick's Sticks, and was very interested immediately. I thought it was nice to see that the cows these sticks come from are all grass fed, and you can see on the website how well Nick takes care of his animals. 
I love that these sticks all offer:
  • No MSG
  • No Hormones
  • They are Shelf- Stable
  • No Antibiotics
I received four different types of Nick's Sticks to try. I first tried the Beef Spicy sticks. I loved that the ingredient list was all things I could pronounce, and nothing that I didn't know. When I took my first bite, I was so happy to not just feel like I was eating grease. This beef stick was not greasy at all. 

Though I like the spicier things in life, I loved the regular beef and turkey sticks as well. My son did as well. There are great to have on the go for your little ones to have in the car, or while you are out and about. 

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