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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lee Jeans Review

Are you looking for a timeless, classic and stylish pair of pants? Look no further! I have found them for you! Lee Jeans. And now for a history lesson, because I like to know where my clothes started. 

The Lee Mercantile Company was founded in 1889. Henry David Lee opened his first factory in Salina, Kansas. Mr. Lee started his business by producing dungarees and jackets. 

In 1913, Mr. Lee's company started to produce the "Union-All" jumpsuit. Soon after in 1920 came the first ever "Overall". This laid the foundation for Lee's growth early on. The Lee Company also launched the Buddy Lee doll in 1920 to be used for promotional use.  This became a very popular doll to play with quite fast. 

Lee continued to introduce more great and new things with manufactured denim. They became well known for their zipper fly. By the 40's they had become the nations top brand for work clothes. 

Fast Forwarding to now, Lee's have great well made jeans and other products for everyone in the family. 

I received the Sadie Boot Cut, which is part of the modern series. It is meant for curvy girls (such as myself) I tried these jeans on, they fit like a glove. I typically have problems with my pants sitting to low in the back, so when I sit, I am exposed. I never have that problem in these jeans. They are comfortable. They are a bit long, but I have fixed that myself. I definitely can't wear the short jeans because I am to tall. But the normal jeans are a bit to long. I also have had many compliments in them. They make me feel good, and make me look good. 

The second pair I was lucky to be able to review were the Slender Secret Arlo Bootcut. These fit just perfect as well. They go just high enough in the back that when I sit down, nothing shows. I also love that both pairs of Lee jeans I reviewed can be dressed up or down. There is no end for what you can do with some denim. I absolutely love how comfortable these fit. The color is perfect. My husband also said that these jeans made my bottom look great!

I received a pair of Lee Jeans to try, and I was just in love. The fit was perfect. Like they were tailored right for my personal body. There was a little bit of elastic in the denim to make it so they would hug you in all the right places. I could not have asked for a better jean. There was a great design on the back of the jeans, which I wanted to make sure the gems would stay on, and washed them a few times. They did great. I just love these. I can wear them on any given day, or dress them up if I need too. Lee Jeans are really perfect in every day. The zipper isn't as long as most jeans I have tried, which is great for my short stature, and perfect length. 

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