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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


My husband and I just recently purchased our first home. When we moved it, we were all excited! This is definitely going to be our forever home. I love this house. Our first night here, we didn't have everything unpacked, so we decided that we would sleep in the living room. Well, I decided to sleep on the floor. As I went to lay down, I seen this little not so cute mouse run into my living room. I immediately jumped back onto our couch and spent the rest of my night looking for this mouse from the couch, scared it was going to eat my toe off. 

In the weeks since, we have been working to get the old tenants (mice) out of our home. I had seen evidence of them making their way onto my counter tops. And even in my trash. So, I contacted Mint-X to see if I could maybe deter them from at least the trash while trying to work on getting them to move out, or reach their fatality. 

When I received them to try, I immediately knew before opening the package what it actually was. There was a strong scent of mint. Not so strong that you didn't want to be around it, but strong enough to know it was there. I actually love the smell of mint, so this was no bother to me. I immediately changed out trash bags. The smell after the first day, went away for the most part. It was not bad at all. It was the day I put the Mint-X  trash bag in my trash can, the mice left it alone. 

In weeks since, I have gotten rid of the rodent problem in my home. But I did want to give it two more test. With having a one year old, he has some terrible smelling diapers. I put his dirty diapers in this trash bag, and the mint smell masked the odor of his smelly diapers. Which was great for me, I don't like to smell that at all. Not even when I am actually changing him. 

The last test I wanted to do is leave trash outside in the Mint-X trash bag. We do have opossums, raccoon's, and other small rodents in my neighborhood. I have seen them get into plenty of peoples trash cans. So, I wanted to see if they would get into a bag of trash that I left outside, with no trash can barrier for them to have to also get through. I wanted to see, would this really work. So, I did. I left the trash outside for three days, on the ground next to my garage. All three days, the bag stayed in the same place, nothing came around it at all. It was great. 

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