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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Almondina Cookies Review and Giveaway

I always love to start off with a little history of companies. I love knowing the background of different companies as I am trying them. Although the cookie has been around for generations, the company has only been around since 1989.

Almondina Owner Yuval Zaliouk who is a internationally known symphony conductor as well as a gourmet chef has grown up eating these delicious cookies. You see, his grandmother Dina had made these for his family and kept the recipe very close to her. A family secret if you will. Dina held on to this secret recipe until the end of her life, when she passed it on to her daughter to be able to keep the cookie alive. 

These cookies are all natural. The have a great crunch to them, and they are full of almonds. Not just some almond flavor. They do not have salt, preservatives, no added fats, or trans fat. They are also cholesterol free. Which makes them a great cookie for some one that is a little more health conscious. Even if you are not, they are still really good. 

The Almondina cookies come in a seven different flavors which are:

  •  Original
  • Choconut
  • Gingerspice 
  • Sesame
  • Almonduo 
  • Chocolate Cherry
All of these cookies have paired great with coffee or tea. Or in my children's case, hot cocoa. They are a great cookie if you want something that is not overly sweet, with a nice crunch to it. 

You can find the nearest store to purchase Almondina cookies by going to: or and Amazon.

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