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Friday, November 10, 2017

Brownwood Acres Review and Giveaway

I received three products from Brownwood Acres. Before I get into these three amazing products, I would like to give a little background on the company. Brownwood Acres is a company from Michigan area that started in 1945 as a roadside stand, that sold honey and other produce from the families farm. Through the years the company has grown into much more then a roadside stand and offers delicious products. 

The first product I tried when I received my package yesterday was the Extra Special Kream Mustard.  Now, being quite the mustard lover, I was excited and skeptical all at the same time. I put mustard on anything I can. I opened the jar up, and just took a little taste from the lid to see what this mustard was all about. With first a hint of sweet, then an after shock of a little bit a spice this mustard has quickly become a new favorite. I had made some noodles last night with our dinner, I definitely put this mustard on plain noodles, because well it is just that good. I made my husband try this on his food when he got home from work. Later on, he made himself an egg sandwich, just to be able to eat some more mustard. I am so excited that with Thanksgiving coming up, I will be able to use this in my deviled eggs. It really can go on everything.

The next item I tried was the Cherry BBQ Sauce. Thankfully, I was already making chicken for dinner last night. What better time to try a new BBQ sauce. I first gave it a small taste test alone to make sure that every one would eat it. My husband is more of a sweet and spicy BBQ sauce guy. My kids prefer just sweet BBQ. This had the perfect balance of sweet kick and BBQ flavor. You could also actually see the cherries in it as well, which I thought was wonderful! I ended up putting it on everyone chicken. My older son, who can be a bit picky when it comes to food ate everything up with no complaints and even asked for more. That really said something to me. My husband tried it when he came home from work, and let me know that we now need to get some ribs, so he can use this on them.

Last but definitely not least at all, I would like to discuss the Famous Cherry Butter. This family recipe has been around for over sixty years. And I can see why. Being a fan of apple butter myself, I went in thinking it would be close to the same with just a cherry flavor. It is so much more! I first only tried on a piece of toast. Just really to get a feel for what it was. It is so good! It is not heavy at all, and has a perfect tart cherry taste. This is very smooth and easy to spread on to anything. This morning I made french toast, and after my boys tried it, they asked for cherry butter on their candy bread (what they call french toast). So, I of course tried it as well. Perfect! Lunch time they wanted cherry butter and peanut butter sandwiches. How could I say no. Tried it again, so good! I feel like this is another product you can put on almost anything.

Overall, Brownwood Farms has more then impressed my entire family with each of the products we have tried. I am also so happy because it is Michigan made, using Michigan ingredients. I can not say enough great things about all three products. I am so happy that I will be able to order more at the click of a button. If you would like to order all three products for yourself, please click here for the three pack special.

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