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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Crispy Green Crispy Fruit Review and Giveaway

As a mom, I love having easy to get to and healthy snacks for my kids. I constantly am grabbing fruit for long doctors appointments down at the hospital for my oldest. Or any long car trips. I end up leaving fruit in my car, forgotten sometimes. Which ends up making a huge mess, and stink, and a very mad husband that he is usually the one to find it on the passenger seat of my car. 

So, when I was given a chance to try Crispy fruit, I was so excited. When the package came in the mail, my kids immediately wanted to try them. I gave my two year old the apples, and my four year old the tangerines. They both instantly loved them. 
Thankfully these came just a few days before my sons doctors appointment at the hospital. We had to spend seven hours down there, so snacks were a must. I threw a few of these in my diaper bag before we left. My youngest son was all about what he was calling the "pear chips" and my oldest gobbled the whole bag of mango down without even sharing with me. 
These are perfect to throw into your diaper bag, leave in your car for long car rides. Or really any time. We have some serious illness going through the house right now, and my four year old has been snacking on the bananas all day. Even after offering him a banana that hadn't been freeze dried, he said that the banana chips were not hurting his stomach so badly. 

I think my favorite part about Crispy Fruit is that there is no hidden ingredients. It is just the fruit you see on the bag freeze dried. There is no extra processing. Their process is great:
  • The freshly picked fruit is cleaned, sliced and then frozen to below -0 degrees. 
  • Then they are placed into a vacuum chamber, where 98% of the moisture is removed by evaporating the ice in temperatures as low as -50 degrees. 
  • They next are collected and inspected
  • Then lastly they are packaged up and ready to go. 
Find out all the information you need, as well as order your fruit here.

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