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Monday, November 20, 2017

Easy Tie Shoelaces Review and Giveaway

Lets talk shoelaces. Specifically for me, shoelaces and kids. My four year old son started preschool this year. He wanted to have a pair of skater style shoes, just like his daddy. That comes with the inevitable shoelaces. We got him the shoes he wanted. He loved them. I absolutely hated them. The laces are long, I would have to not just double or triple knot, but quadruple knot his shoe laces so he wasn't tripping over them, or they weren't coming untied. It drove me crazy. 

I came across Easy Tie recently, and decided to give them a shot. The laces look cool, so I figured, why not. When I got the laces, I was surprised on how durable they actually feel. The ends are not traditional plastic ends, they will not frey easy. Which can be so annoying. With the old laces just looking awful from me trying to find a creative way to lace his shoes, I replaced today with the Easy Tie laces.  It was so nice to not have to sit and measure out to make them even with one another because of the little piece in the direct middle. 

The shoe laces went in so much easier then I anticipated. I tried tying them myself, and they tie super easy. Perfect for little hands or anyone. One of my favorite parts, the company sent out a quick step by step guide with pictures to help kids learning to tie their shoes. I am so excited for my son to come home today and check them out. With the fun colors, they are sure to please. 

You can find a pair for yourself or loved ones if you click here, or on Amazon. 

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