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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Hartz Dog Toys Review and Giveaway

 After losing my beloved fur baby over this past spring, we waited a few months and found a little puppy to try and cheer up my little lady dog. Our new puppy, a saint bermastiff named Diesel loves toys. Which a new thing for me. All of my dogs I have had through out my life have not really played with anything more then a bone once in a while. 

When it comes to dog toys, I find that typically Diesel can have them destroyed within minutes, if not seconds. Especially anything with rope or plush toys. 

So, when I  received my package from Hartz I was a little apprehensive. Especially seeing toys with ropes, and plush. Diesel seemed to be able to smell the different toys in the box because he was trying to get into the box before I could even get it open. It was like Christmas day for him. 

I first opened up the two bones, really in hopes that I could get my picky old lady to pick one up and try it out. She is a bit of a snob, and took a Chew N Clean bone into her mouth and laid with it. I think she was just trying to keep it from Diesel. Mind you, Eldorado (my little old lady dog) is very particular and will only gnaw on actual bones. She can spot a fake from miles away, and will have nothing to do with it, usually only sniffing. At least she attempted. Diesel however was jumping up and down trying to dance to get the bones. The green and white bone has not broke apart at all, but the bacon flavor (which is supposed to happen) came out of the other bone after about forty five minutes. There is still some in there too. 

The tuff stuff duck and the plush stuffed duck toys were ones I was actually worried about being destroyed within just a few minutes. I am here to report a week later, there is still no significant damage to them. The tuff stuff duck is great for tug o war between my kids and him, and he chews on it constantly. The plush duck has a noise maker in it, and he still has yet to take that out. He actually cuddles up with the plush toy and loves on it. Which is so sweet.

The dura play rope and ball after a lot of tug o war has only frayed a very little bit, but it was mainly from him chewing at the rope. My kids love this for him and I feel better about them playing with him with it, because lets face it. He is a puppy and still learning boundaries. And they are children and sometimes don't understand that he doesn't realize when he is getting to close to their little fingers. But with the ball in the middle this toy is great to have them tug on because he knows not to go past the ball, as well as to play fetch with.

The bacon ball is actually the second one we have for him. He received the smaller one as a gift when we first brought him home. These balls are great. When you look at them you think that they will rip apart easily. Neither one we have has yet to even have a hole in them from Diesel, even though he will sit and chew on it all night if you let him. They do have a squeaker in them, which he loves. And at night when my husband is watching his shoes, he seems to love it the most. 

The tuff stuff frisbee is great. We have used it indoors and out, and it works wonderful. Flys well, and Diesel loves bringing it back to us. This is great for a dog who isn't very good about giving a toy back during a game of fetch. Thankfully we don't have that problem with our little man.

You can find all of these products by clicking here.

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