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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

IsABelt Review

I have personally have had 3 c-sections in a ten year span. Any one who knows about c-sections, that scar even though I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, makes finding pants that look good on your mom bod hard. 
I always have this weird bump from the mix of the scar, and my chicken nugget left over diet. I have a little bit of a poof there. Which means, I typically live in yoga pants and leggings because I can hike them up and hide everything. It drives my husband insane! 

So, I decided to give IsABelt a try. Not only was I impressed with how much smoother it is against my stomach, but how much easier it is to use then your typical belt. There isn't a making sure you have the right size and hoping it fits. This belt is really a one size fits all. My favorite is the black belt. Though, I know that the clear belt is going to come into great use at my husbands holiday work party next month. 

IsAWallet is also a great product, perfect for those who have a problem with leaving their wallet behind (that would be me). You can simply stick this on the back of your phone, and put your id, debit card or even cash into it. This would be great also for people going out to the bar or club, that don't want to bring in a bulky purse or worry about losing their wallet while you are out with friends.

Check them out here.  

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