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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Salonpas Review

I have been a Salonpas user for over a decade. I found it after injury my back when I was working in a nursing home. I have stuck with it ever since for all of my aches and pains. I have even turned my family and friends into Salonpas users. I have always found the product to be a quality product, and fairly priced compared to the competition.  With that being said, I would love to give you a quick overview on the different products I was sent. Including the new ones that include lidocaine.

 Now, personally I am a patch lover! I used to put them on before my shift would start, and now I can just put them on myself and continue on with my day when my muscles are acting up. There are a few different types of patches, All equally as great, but to meet different needs.  The gel patch hot (pictured on the right) will soothe on contact. Also, it will deliver a very nice deep penetrating wave of heat for approximately 8 hours. 

 The next patch, pictured on the left, are actually the first patch I tried. These ones are 20% larger, and have better adhesion and more medicine then the original patch. These are fantastic. I have used them for so long. And they are great to just keep in your desk or purse in case you ever have a need. 

 This next pain relief patch, pictured to the right, its the strongest labeled pain reliever available over the counter without a prescription. My husband who does a lot of manual labor, loves these patches for when he is having a rough day with his shoulders. He puts one on and it can last up to twelve hours, so he knows he is set for his entire work day. 

 This patch, pictured left, is great if you need a bit of numbing to go along and help your aches and pains. With having the maximum strength lidocaine you can buy without a prescription. 
 I personally love the liquid pictured on the left. I am able to roll this on my husbands back after he comes in from working on a car, and not have to worry about any of it getting on my inner wrists. He says it works fantastic. And really helps him relax. This also has lidocaine in it. 
 My husband swears by this stuff. He has told his family and friends who work construction. And we have had them try it, and once anyone tries it there leave a believer. This gel works great from deep muscle issues. And dries very fast. 
 The jet spray is great for a quick two shots and you can be on your way. My mom recently tried this on a pain on her foot, and said it works wonders. I appreciate that you can get this in a full size or even a travel size, so it can go any where with you. It also dries so fast! 

Topical pain relievers are great for all your aches and pains (with an exception of headaches of course). They are very conveient and keep focus just where you actually need the medication, rather then having to travel all through your blood stream before actually helping your pains. It works so quickly. Within minutes you are going to feel relief. 

To find more about these product and where to buy, please click here. 

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