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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Winning Move Games Review And Giveaway

 In my home, I like to play games. My four and two year old both love playing age appropriate games. And at night after the kids go to bed, my husband and I tend to have game nights. That being said, we can't always find new and fun games that we can play. I love checking out Winning Moves site because they always have all the latest and greatest games. They have retro games, and games that you will never find in a retail setting. Which is so helpful when you are sick of the same old games each time.

I was given the chance to check out three games from the Winning Moves page. Which is great with the snow that is set to come this weekend. Having new games in the house will not only keep me from being bored, but most importantly, keep my kids from being bored.

Pictureka! is a great card game for holiday parties, family game night, or just whenever. You do need minimum of three players to play. And there are four different ways to play the game, so kids ages six and up can get together and play the game without a problem. My four year old has gotten this down with minimal help from his dad or I. He loves it!

 Nibbled is a game meant for ages four and up. My sons both think this game is so much fun. It helps with learning and working on colors, and even counting. You have to take four plastic fish and clip them onto yourself, the goal of the game is through guessing and flipping cards to be the first to lose all your fish.
Now, Monopoly Advanced to Boardwalk I did not get to play with my kids just yet. At ages four and two, they are not quite ready to play this game as it is rated for ages eight and up. This game is for playing with my husband. We are both pretty competitive, and both love different versions of monopoly. We have stayed up way past our bed time to play this game together. It is a great version of the game, and so much fun to play. This is actually a retro game that was the first "spin off" of the original. This game originally came out in 1985.

If you are looking for puzzles, new, classic, retro, or just fun games in general check out Winning Moves by clicking here.

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