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Friday, December 1, 2017

OOFOS Review and Giveaway

 Before becoming a stay at home mom, I worked in nursing homes, as well as group homes. I was on my feet constantly. I always had foot pain. It never ended, but I had to keep up and going for at least eight hours or more. It is the biggest complaint when working in the health care field that your feet by the end of the day are so sore. I know my husband has had the same problem in jobs he has had.

So when I found out about OOFOS, I was so excited to be able to try them out. Now, as a stay at home mom, I may not be on my feet all day, everyday, but days that I have to do hospital trips with my son, I spend a lot of time on my feet, and walking the halls of the hospital. Or every other week when I do my big grocery shopping trips, where I can spend up to three hours in the grocery store, going up and down every aisle, hunting every deal I can find. My feet will take a beating.

I decided to try these out on my last grocery trip. I felt skeptical, because in the past I have had so many different pairs of shoes that are memory foam, or supposed to give extra support. Even if for the first hour they feel good, after that they start to make my feet feel just as bad as the cheap shoes I have bought in the past. I put these on my feet, which to be honest in the moment I was super thankful they were slip ons. Two kids I have to get into shoes and coats, then try and get myself in the same before they are out the door. They immediately felt like heaven on my feet. So off we went to the store. I had a huge list, and I knew it was going to be a while.

While there I ended up taking with check out time just over three hours. In those three hours, I had to chase my two year old a few times. Wait to check for products in the back. And stand, ok, bounce around in the check out line because my feet still felt great. It feels like you are walking on air the whole entire time. There was no pain, no irritation from even having to break in a new shoe. Which lets be honest, is so annoying. The whole time it was just a great experience. I was so happy. And with them going on and off so quickly, I can put these on every day when I need to leave the house, without breaking down the heels or hurting myself at all.

I would recommend these shoes to anyone looking to make their feet not hurt at the end of the day. Anyone who has tried other shoes, that just don't work. You won't be disappointed. To check out the many styles of footwear that OOFOS has to offer, click here. 

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