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Monday, December 18, 2017

Personal Chef To Go Review and Giveaway!

Being a busy mom, I love things that will make meal time for my husband or I much easier. We have tried a few different food delivery services, and nothing has compared to Personal Chef To Go. I am willing to admit, especially after a day spent at the clinic with my oldest, I don't want to come home and prepare a healthy happy meal for every one. These nights, my kids get to pick their meals, which is usually the typical kids favorites. Which then means, Mom and Dad are left either eating kids favorites, or with Personal Chef To Go, a nice delicious and healthy meal.  

The thing I love the most about Personal Chef To Go, is that I don't have to do any of the prep work at all. There is no trying to follow a recipe. Which can be fun, I do love to cook, but on some nights I just want to rest after an exhausting day. You get to pull one of these prepackaged meals out of your refrigerator, and just follow some very simple instructions. Reheating in the microwave in just minutes. I was so skeptical at first, because I am not one to like the typical "tv dinner" I thought the food was going to be flavorless, I was completely wrong. The first meal I tried was the Grilled Chicken Breast Saltimbocca. This came with green beans, and my fear beyond lack of flavor was, are these green beans going to have any crunch to them? I hate mushy green beans. I was so happy that everything was not only perfectly seasoned, the green beans tasted like they had just been made fresh after being picked from the garden.

 My husband is a big eater, and didn't believe that one of these meals would fill him up. I told him he really needed to try one. He decided the Savory Mongolian Pork Stir Fry. He was so surprised, that not only was it delicious. He was full before he even finished the meal

The other thing I really appreciate about these meals, is since my husband had to switch his shifts at work. He is no longer home to eat dinner with us. And I hate that he is always stuck reheating our leftovers. When he doesn't want to eat the dinners I have made, or wants to have something different even for lunch at work. It is much easier for him to grab one of these meals, and just go.

With Personal Chef To Go, you don't get stuck with only some meals that you are going to like. You can chose from a huge variety of meals every week. Which is great. So if you are not into fish, you don't have to worry about it. They make sure you are getting meals you want. And their menu is actually quite huge every week. It makes it so nice. They deliver so quickly. These would also be great for single people who are working. I know when I was single I had a huge problem with eating healthy, because cooking for one can be a pain. Any one with any kind of busy schedule these are great.

If you would like to find out more information about Personal Chef To Go, please click here.

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