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Friday, December 8, 2017

Vegan Rob's Review

My family is not vegan. But I do love having vegan friendly snacks around for my kids to snack on. Anything I can do to make sure they have more vegetables is great in my opinion. And why not something that looks like their favorite snacks. 

So finding Vegan Rob's seemed to be perfect for what I needed for my kids. They are constantly wanting snacks. And puffs and chips are some of their favorite things. So when I received the package, they were all excited because they knew that those were bags of snacks. They immediately wanted to try some. So, since they were up for the challenge, and I know that my oldest hates brussel sprouts, that was my first choice. Both my kids, four and two, gobbled them right up. And then asked for more. I was so excited. 

My husband was away when the package came, but he came home the next day and wanted to try all the flavors. He and I were both amazed that it doesn't have an overwhelming taste of just the vegetable. He really liked all the flavors he tried. 

I next tried the tumeric chips and rice chips with salsa. It was so good. I think my favorite is the rice chips. They are so good. Have a great crunch. 

To find out more about Vegan Rob's, click here.  

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