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Monday, January 29, 2018

BarkBox Review

I grew up constantly having a dog or dogs in the home my entire life. When I got out on my own, I had to make sure I still had that furry family member there to keep me company. It has been years since I have had a puppy. My old dogs only really love bones. Now that over the summer we brought home a new furry family member after losing my old man, I forgot how much a puppy can actually chew if you don't give them the proper things to chew.

I was so happy when BarkBox allowed me to try out a box for my new no so little man Diesel. He is our Saint Bermastiff. It is crazy how much he loves to chew on anything. I haven't had a dog this active in many years. So, it is nice to have toys around for him. The kids also love having toys that are soft enough they can play fetch with him in the house.

Barkbox came in and it was a theme. Which I thought was so cute. And they take their themes very seriously. The paper it was packed in was themed. It was castles and knights. On the back of the paper, there was a cute little Scroll you could fill out with your dogs information. Though I couldn't get a great picture of it no matter how I laid it.

Inside of my, well Diesel's barkbox came two stuffed toys, two bags of dog treats, as well as a bone. My older dog Eldorado snagged up the bone because she isn't in to to much else. Diesel was having a hard time containing himself for me to take pictures of the products that were inside. He was so excited.

I thought this little card was cute. On the opposite side it had a pop out crown for your pup to wear. I tried to get Diesel to wear it, he thought it meant I wanted him to chew it.

Diesel is having such a good time playing with all of these toys. He was so excited to have new toys, and my kids were so happy as well. I think these barkboxes are fabulous to give your dogs new options every month. Especially if they go through their toys quickly.

For more information about barkbox, please click here.

Pictures of Diesel playing with his new toys.

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