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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Aroma Ridge Review

As a mom of two very active little boys, coffee is my life. I have my coffee pot set up to brew before I wake up in the morning, so there is no wait time for me to get that first sip in the morning. I drink coffee through the majority of my day. And I am a huge coffee snob. I am very particular with what I like. I have even changed my husband's coffee drinking ways from not so great beans, to only the great. Because coffee is serious business. So when looking at Aroma Ridges website, I was curious about what they had for coffee, and was excited to try it out! 

The first blend I tried was the Mama's Roast.  I could smell the strength right through the bag! It is for the people who really like a stronger cup of coffee in the morning, or afternoon, or evening. Who am I to judge? This blend is described as, " This top secret blend is a bold, sweet combination of 3 estate coffees." This blend is most definitely bold. Which is exactly how I like my coffee, especially right in the morning. I have found myself being able to drink more then one pot of this in a day sometimes. Even though it is bold, it is not acidic at all. A very smooth blend. Which is perfect for me, because I don't like acidic coffee. 

Baba's Roast, I tried a few days later, so I could give Mama's Roast a fair shot (or maybe I just REALLY love it!) I made it for the first pot of the morning and packed it with my husband for work, and made a second pot, he commented that he really loved this coffee. Claiming that it was one of the best pots I have ever made. I told him it was a different roast of coffee. He was amazed. Baba really is onto something with this blend. It is delicious. It doesn't taste as bold as the Mama's Roast, but still equally as great! Baba's Roast is described as, "As you may know, we are family owned and Dad (or "Baba" as he is most commonly known) has invented a blend like no other. 
By taking three highend estates from around the world, blending the greatness of each, then roasting to medium-dark Dad, created an outstanding coffee. 
Move over Alexander Fleming, make room for Dad! For those under a rock...Alexander Fleming invented penicillin in 1928." 

Aroma Ridge also does great fundraiser's to help people with their different fundraiser ideas, you can find out more about these by clicking here.

Another thing I think is very neat from Aroma Ridge, they do personalized coffee, where you can create your own labels, which are great for all different occasions. If you would like to know more about this, please click here

To check out Aroma Ridge's full site, please click here

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