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Friday, March 23, 2018

Pressman And Goliath Games Review

My kids and I play games a lot. I love to have a variety to keep things fresh and not returning to the same game every single day. So when I had the chance to work with Goliath and Pressman Games, I was so excited. My kids were so excited when they seen me pulling new games out of the box that they have been wanting to play.

 The first game we played was, Doggie Doo. This game is rated for ages four and up, but with a little help my two and a half year old could play too. This game isn't only fun for the kids, but also teaches them about being responsible for their pets. You start by feeding the dog a piece of dog food or treat made from a dough type substance. Each player takes turns rolling the dice, you may have to squeeze the leash, skip your turn or you can switch shovels with another player. The person to collect three doggie doo's win. My kids thought it was hilarious making the doogie doo. 
 My kids of course wanted to play, Catch the Fox next. You start by doing a little assembly. My kids are very impatient, but they did finally let me get the game set up. You roll the die to see how many chickens you need to put in the foxes pants, you then push on the foxes head one time to end your turn, if the foxes pants do not drop you continue until they do. Once the foxes pants drop each player tries to be the first to fill their coop up with chickens. You can only use one hand though. This game is also rated for 4 and up, but again my younger son could play this game with us. And we all giggled the entire time.

Lastly, we played Shark Bite. This game also took a little bit of set up, but not to bad at all. Each player takes turns rolling the dice and trying to rescue out the fish from inside the sharks mouth. If the shark jumps out of the water you lose. This game is also rated for four and up. Both my kids could also play this game with a little help. We laughed so hard each round when the shark did jump. It is great because there are no batteries required.

I love that I grew up with great games from these companies, and now my kids get to as well. If you would like to find out more about these three games or any other games please click the names, and you will be directed to each link. Goliath or Pressman.

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