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Monday, April 23, 2018

Goliath And Pressman Game Review

My boys and I love board games. We have had to spend a lot of time over the winter, and what is supposed to be spring right now due to the weather. And there is nothing better then having a game day with your kids. You can watch them learn, and grow. And my favorite part is all the belly laughs I get from my kids when we are playing different games. So when Goliath and Pressman games let me have two more games to review, I couldn't wait to have another game day with my boys!

 Googly Eyes is a game that is meant for ages 7 and up, but my five year old played with a little bit of assistance. This is a new take on an old game. You have three different colored lenses, which are for easy, medium, and difficult. You roll the dice, and land on the color of lenses you need. There also are things like lose a turn, and you may land on a space that tells you to use your opposite hand to draw the picture. You then pick up a card, pick the color that correlates with the color you landed on, put the correct lenses in and try to draw the picture within the time on the timer. My husband helped us play this game, so we broke off into teams of two. My five year old and I dominated the board, and ended up making it to the finish first. There were so many laughs with this game. I can't wait to play it again. Even with adults, this game is great with the lenses! Maybe after the kids go to bed one night.

Jumpin' Monkeys is a game meant for ages five and up. Though my two and a half year old helped with this game, and with a little assistance thought it was great to be able to play along with big brother! This game is for two to four players. Each player gets four monkeys of the same color, with a catapult to match their monkeys. Also, each player gets four bananas. You set the tree up in the middle, and each player puts in one banana into a pile. You do not have to take turns in this game, which I think is helpful for kids who don't have much patience to wait their turn. You have to get all four of your monkeys to hang into the tree. They can not be laying flat. If they do, you can pick them up and try again. If they don't land in the tree at all, you can also pick them up and try again. At the end of each round, the person who was the first to get all their monkeys to hang in the tree wins the bananas. You play four rounds of this game, and who ever has the most bananas at the end of all four rounds wins!

Both of these games are great. My family loves them so much. And the kids ask to play over and over again!

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