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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Unique Pretzel Review and Giveaway!!

We always have some sort of pretzel in our house. My kids can eat pretzels for any snack. I personally love pretzels hard or soft dipped in yellow mustard. My husband always wants them with cheese dip. I even had a strong craving for pretzels when I was pregnant with my older son. I couldn't get enough. The problem is, not all pretzels taste all that great. I am particular when it comes to what pretzels I am eating, as well as my kids. Some are just plain gross. So, I was curious on what Unique Pretzel had to offer.

I would like to start off by talking about the Pretzel Shells. These are a unique take on the pretzel. They use their split open baking process to remove the inside of the pretzel. Which just leaves the crunchy shell. My kids and I love these! I was dipping them in mustard, and it was perfect. They can almost be described as a pretzel chip. It has a great crunch, the perfect amount of salt, and a great flavor. They don't dry out your mouth as fast as a traditional pretzel with all of the filling being gone!

Unique Pretzels also has Splits. They have a "unique" technique to make these pretzels. They let the raw dough sit out to perfection. When it is placed into the oven, there it burst open, bubbles up. This process creates crispy hollow pockets, and crunchy deep crevices. This process leaves you with a pretzel that is full of flavor. These pretzels are all not "cookie cutter." They all have a unique and different look. They are great for any pretzel lover.

Splits also has a few varieties including a 7 grain Multi grain, which has no added sugar. This pretzel isn't overly bitter, or overly sweet. It seems to be baked to a perfection of flavor. I personally think these were my favorite of the splits.

The Extra Dark Splits, are a much darker version of the original. They are darker, bolder, and crunchier then other brands. Yet the inside is still white and crunchy. My husband loved these! I didn't think they were to bad at all.

Unique Pretzel made sure they have something for everyone with their sprouted line. They have sprouted shells as well as sprouted splits. What set these apart from their original line? They are made with a wheat flour that digests more like a vegetable, because it was germinated our "sprouted."
This process makes it much easier for your body to digest, all while giving you the same great flavor. These are also produced with extra virgin olive oil. Which I think is great that they can help make something for everyone to enjoy.

Unique Pretzel also has amazing gift baskets you can order right off their page. I think that is a pretty awesome gift for any occasion for your pretzel lover.

If you would like to find out more about Unique Pretzels, please click here.

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