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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Bluestem Pets Review

I have two dogs, a Saint Bermastiff, Diesel who just turned a year old a couple weeks ago. I also have my lovely thirteen year old Welsh Corgi/ Blue Heeler mix Eldorado. And while Diesel hasn't been overcome with that awful dog breath, any one who knows Eldorado can tell you, her breath is the worst! She is the sweetest dog, but a lot of people don't want to pet her because as soon as she starts panting your way, or even within a few feet of you, you will start gagging. So, though both dogs have tried these products in this post, Eldorado really is my main focus right now on breath freshening.

I don't know what actually happened with Eldorado, but after she had her puppies, she really just couldn't kick the bad breath. I have tried so many different products in the past to try and just curb her bad breath, and most wouldn't work at all, while some will work for maybe an hour or so before her awful breath is back in full swing. So, I figured what is the harm in trying something else. If I can find something to fix her breath, I know my husband and guests in my home will be so much more excited to give her attention.

I started out by using the water additive with my dogs and decided the original would be best to start with. I started by using only a half of a capful of the additive and over the last few weeks I have worked up to a full dose for my dogs. Eldorado could not tell the difference in her water as I continued to add more and more over two weeks time to get her up to the full dose. Her teeth started to look healthier, her mouth started to smell better. I went through and used the Chicken Flavor as well as the Vanilla Mint flavor, my personal favorite was the Vanilla Mint. Eldorado was the original and the chicken.

Next item I received from Bluestem I wanted to talk about was their Chicken Flavor toothpaste and toothbrush kit. Eldorado is used to my putting my hands in her mouth, as well as Diesel because I train them right from the get go to trust me and not bite when a hand goes in their mouth. So, with trying other products in the past even though I know that she doesn't love the idea. I still wanted to give it a try. She tolerated it well. I was surprised that she did do as well as she did. I let her taste the toothpaste before I even started. I think she thought I was brushing her teeth with treats. I noticed over a two week period, this is helping not just her breath, but her plaque and tartar build up as well.

Now, onto the last product I received to try, Oral Breath Spray. I have been using this from the day I received it. I spray this on my finger and let my dogs lick it off my finger. The mint scent is not to strong, but strong enough that when Eldorado is breathing near me I don't have to smell that awful dog breath smell I have had to smell in the past. I think the combination of these three products together have really helped my dog just over the past few weeks alone to make her have better breath and much healthier teeth.

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