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Friday, June 1, 2018

Magformers Review

My sons loves things that he can build with. They have multiple sets of blocks that they loves to play with. Though when they are building towers they get so frustrated when the towers collapse because the blocks do not stick together well. 

We went to the Children's museum one day, and they found Magformers there. They were thrilled. We spent the majority of our time sitting at the Magformers station, while they sat and stuck these great pieces together, and they didn't tumble apart. They looked like a mini construction workers. I knew right then, these would be a perfect toy for them. 

I was giving the chance to try a different set of magformers. I received them and my sons barely let me get the packaging open before they started going to work. He usually is running around constantly moving from toy to toy, but with these they just will sit for up to an hour playing with just their magformers

The best part is, my husband and I LOVE them too. So even after they go to bed, we will sit up at the dining room table and see what great things we can come up with. Which is great for time with them to play with mommy and daddy. Or for when we want something to do late night, we have contests to see who can build the better creation. I love this toy! 

To find out more about Magformers please click here

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