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Monday, June 25, 2018

Skoy Review

As a mom, my boys is constantly making messes. I am constantly grabbing a rag, or a paper towel to clean up after them. I hate using paper towel, and I also hate when people use it for purposes that I don't see fit. I don't like paying for something that I know is just going to go into the trash after someone could just clean up a little bit of water, or what not. It drives me nuts! 

I found Skoy Cloth's years ago, and I was curious to if they would actually hold up. I was pretty excited to try it. They come packaged in packs of four. I must say they do come in some very bright and colorful colors. I wanted to get them wet first thing to see if they would hold up better then the average paper towel. I have been using these for years now, and I can't even begin to explain how well these hold up. I use them for everything. I have set certain colors for certain things. My husband has even stole them a few times to work on cleaning out his cars. I have noticed that they have gotten a bit larger in recent years, which just makes them all the better. I love that they feel like a sponge, but are the size of a wash cloth. My kids love using them because of their fun colors.  

I just received their towel for the first time. It is such a cute design! And I love how soft it is. I decided to try it on my windows and mirrors because I hate using paper towel on all my windows and mirrors. It seems like a never ending process. It is so bad for the planet. So I took to the windows with the Skoy Towel. I was so impressed  with how well it actually worked. I didn't have any little fibers all over the windows like microfiber seems to do in the past. It is so soft too. I always have a problem with microfiber seeming to get stuck to my hands, and this doesn't do that at all. 

Skoy also sent me their Skoy Scrubs. I have used these for the past four years, and it seems like they have also gotten bigger as well. But they hold up so well! I know I can scrub my non stick pots without worrying about them scratching up the coating. They are gentle, but abrasive enough to clean stuck on messes. I also love that they can just be thrown  in the dishwasher if they need to be cleaned. I use these on everything. I always have a problem when I bake things like chicken. The seasonings always get stuck on my pans. This is the only thing I trust to get the yuck off. They also work well for harder jobs, stuck on gross in your microwave, or fridge. They are so versatile, and since Skoy Scrubs are not attached to some bulky sponge they are so easy to use. 

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