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Monday, August 6, 2018

Butt Bench Review

I can't even begin to tell you how many times in my life alone I have thought to myself: A bath chair would be convenient. Years ago, someone I used to take care of had the tradition seat that half of it say outside of the tub, and you ended up getting the whole bathroom floor soaked just to give your loved one a shower. That was definitely a major turn off on ever getting one when I could have really used one.

I was given the chance to check out the cedar bench from Butt Bench. Working in healthcare for many many years, I always wanted one of these for my residents. Your bottom does not stick to it, like the PVC shower chairs. I love that there are suction cups for yours bath walls, to help keep you more stable while getting on and off the bench. This works for so many more people then just the elderly or disabled though.

While I was pregnant, trying to wash my legs and feet, or even shave was so hard in the last trimester. I hated asking my husband for help, but I always had too, because I couldn't do it myself any longer. This would have been so handy to have then. I also only had c sections, so standing in the shower for the first few weeks after giving birth, I had the hardest time showering. This bench would have saved my life from so much extra and unnecessary pain.

I put this in my shower, and thought about how badly my back breaks while giving my dogs a bath. Especially my small dog, from all the bending over. So, I picked my old chubby gal up and even though she was reluctant to take a bath as always I put her in the tub. I had already set the tub up to have her shampoo and conditioning rinse right on the bench to help make it go a bit faster. After plopping her in the tub with me, and sitting on the bench, I was able to quickly wash her up without having my back hurt. Added bonus, I did not get soaked.

I do have to take this out of my shower when not in use, because with two boys, I know that this could become a lovely diving board for them. But I love it to shave my legs, and everything else.

To check out Butt Bench, and get yours please click here.

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