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Monday, August 27, 2018

Diana's Bananas Review

Growing up, I remember going to the fair and having a chocolate covered banana. It was so good. My older sister and I tried to recreate it, it seems like we could never actually get the process correct. I remember cleaning up some doozy of messes out of my parents freezers. We had to wait every summer to find them at our local fair. I have seen Diana's Bananas in stores and I was so curious on how well that would work. Would they taste like the ones I remember from my childhood? I was so excited to be able to check them out.

Diana's Bananas sent me three different products to try. The first I want to talk about are the Banana Bites. These were the first thing I broke into for myself because they were quick and easy. And I was actually getting ready to make dinner when I started opening everything up. These are the perfect little bite size banana pieces dipped in a mix of milk and dark chocolate. When my husband got home from work, I immediately gave him one. He loved them. He loved them so much that the container was his snack after the kids went to bed that night. They are so easy to just pop in your mouth, and so delicious. A great gluten free treat. 

My kids wanted to try the baby bananas right away, but of course I made them wait until after dinner. I gave my youngest son the Banana Babies Dark Chocolate. He kept telling me it was banana ice cream. I tried it, and it is the perfect amount of dark chocolate over the banana. These are also gluten free. And are the perfect size to be satisfying without being to much. The chocolate doesn't just melt off like ones I have attempted in the past. I tried a bite of his, and it was delicious.

My oldest son tried the Milk Chocolate Banana Babies after dinner. He was amazed that you could just freeze a banana. We have spotted these in a few stores local to us, and even though we already have some in our freezer it does not stop my oldest from asking for more. I love that these are a great frozen treat, and are healthier then all the ice cream's and Popsicle's my kids usually have. This is a great alternative. I also think that these would be great for kids who have a problem with eating their fruits and vegetables. 

If you would like to check out Diana's Bananas for yourself, please click here.

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