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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

DishFish Review and Giveaway- Holiday Gift Guide

Being a stay at home mom, I find myself cleaning up an insane amount of messes. Anything from the good old crayon or marker on walls, the fridge, or even the table. All the way to scrubbing greasy baked on food from pans. I mean I can't win at every meal right? I have had so many problems in the past with different sponges. I don't like how quickly a traditional sponge just gets nasty. I also don't like how a lot of them will scratch up your pots and pans. So when I read about DishFish, I of course felt like I needed to know more.

DishFish has a sponge or scrubber for anything you need! They come in several different sizes. So you can fit them anywhere. Use them for anything, or if you have kids, they have ones small enough that my 3 year old can use. DishFish has the Scrubber, as well as the dual Scrubber sponge. They have sizes large enough to be able to scrub your tires on your car. And Scrubber Sponges big enough to wash your whole car. Which my husband loves because we are constantly washing his vehicles. And they fit well in his large hands.

Based on laboratory testing, DishFish are stronger, more absorbent, and release food particles more effectively and quickly then their respective competitors. From what I have personally found, DishFish are fantastic at getting baked on food off my cookie sheets, and even out of my pans. I am really great at baking things onto my pans. And I absolutely HATE trying to clean them. I put a little soap on a DishFish dual scrubber sponge, and went on a dry pan with baked on food. It didn't even take a minute to get everything off the pan.

The DishFish Scrubber is 2.5 times more durable then its competitor. They are 4 times more efficient at releasing water. I know I have seen a lot of people complain about how the competitor scrubbers fall apart so quickly. I have personally tried them and I can use them up in a day because they seem to almost melt as you use them. I tried the DishFish Scrubber on many different jobs, and I am still on my first scrubber, even a couple weeks in. And it still looks as good as new.

I love the design of the DishFish. You are able to set this sponge or scrubber up on its "tail" to dry. And it works so well. No more smelly sponges in my kitchen. Or feeling like I need to get rid of them so quickly because of that stink. You know, the one that ends up transferring to your dishes.

The DishFish Dual is 10 times more durable then its leading competitor. 6 times more absorbent. Has a great single swipe absorbency. Which makes for cleaning up your kitchen after meals SO MUCH QUICKER. I took this to a clients house that I clean once a month so I could test it out on a bigger and different jobs then what I have here at home. I love them so much, I have been using them everywhere. Not only are they great to use, but their design is so cute.

The DishFish is so great, it even has the Good Housekeeping tried and tested approval.

If you would like to check out DishFish, and find out how to get your own, please click here.

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