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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Groove Rings Review

So my husband and I have been married going on seven years. And in our marriage he has had multiple wedding bands. Either he loses weight in his finger and we can not get them resized, or he has broke them. He has even lost one on a tubing trip down the river two summers ago. He enjoys having a ring, but with him working with his hands a lot. I am always so afraid of him ripping his finger skin off while he is out working on cars. Or when he is out working in the warehouse. 

We have looked into other silicone wedding bands in the past. He has never really been a fan of the color choices, or the looks of them. He says he has seen them on his friends, and he just doesn't understand how wearing them could be comfortable. I asked him if he would at least try them out. He agreed, and we both picked out  Groove rings that we would like to see him wear. 

The Groove Ring I picked out for him was this Copper ring. The reason I liked this ring is the color. I love that you can get this in a thick and thin band. So, if you and your significant other wanted matching rings, you could do that with Groove Rings. The Copper Groove Ring was made to look like a metal ring. The pictures online, and even here do not do it justice. It is much prettier then what I thought it was going to be. 

Things that I absolutely love about Groove Rings:

  • You can customize your ring. 
  • They have an unlimited lifetime no BS warranty. I have never found a company that has this type of warranty. (And if you look at their warranty questions, they are hilarious responses.) 
  • They have a breathable design, so your finger isn't getting all sweaty and gross. 
  • They are made with medical grade silicone. 
  • The free exchange if you chose the wrong size. It is much nicer then other companies I have seen in the past. 

My husband chose a solid black band with the blue on the inside. Now, I didn't get a picture, but if you look on their website the solid color rings come with the infinity symbol on the outside. I think that is super sweet if you are going to wear this as a wedding band. I also think that they have a fabulous amount of choices in colors, and sizes. My husband was not home for me to have him try them on and take pictures myself, which is why you see my hands all over the pictures. But he tried them on when he got home and said they were much more comfortable then he thought. He loves that he has two choices to pick from and actually has started wearing these on a daily basis. 

I also love that I no longer have to worry about him losing the skin on his finger if there is an accident. Or if he loses it tubing down the river or when he is out salmon fishing or hunting. 

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