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Monday, December 31, 2018

Brain Quest Review

As a child one of my favorite activities at school on a day we had indoor recess was the Brain Quest decks. All of my friends and I would sit and quiz each other. It was like little kids Jeopardy. I completely forgot about them until recently. And I must say, Brain Quest has only gotten better from when we were kids. 

My youngest son, Dwayne has just turned three, and I am always trying to look for fun ways for him to learn. Well Brain Quest has me covered with this awesome box set for kids ages three to four. And because his older brother already has learned all of these, they play "school" on my oldest's days off and he will actually teach Dwayne with these cards. Not only is it super adorable. But it is also a great way for Dwayne to learn. 

Now when I was a kid I don't remember ever seeing more then the decks. But these amazing work books are great. And you can get them from preschool all the way up to sixth grade. My older son Jason is in kindergarten right now, and his favorite things are math and writing. The colorful pages in these Brain Quest work books make it even more exciting for him to do. He does get homework once a week, but he will pull his Brain Quest work book out multiple times a week and tell me he needs to do his homework. I love that he is just ready to learn! I think it is because Brain Quest makes it so fun. 

What I love even more, if I could love Brain Quest anymore are these great summer work books. It is a great way to get your child ready for the next school year. Help them retain the information they have learned through out the last school year, and helping to keep their mind busy. I can not wait to be able to have my kids both using these over the summer to get them ready for next school year. I know that they will love it as well. Especially Dwayne because he gets so jealous any time Jason has homework. I pray both of them continue to love to learn this much. 

I love that you can get your kids education jump started at the age of three and there are so many different options to keep their little brains working. 

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