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Friday, January 11, 2019

DOOG Review

My Saint Bermastiff,  Diesel is almost two years old. It has been a very long time since I had a puppy that absolutely loved all things toys. We play fetch every single day. If he had it his way, he would play all day every day. He even plays constantly with himself. He is constantly trying to bring sticks into the house, and it drives me bananas. I have been searching everywhere for a safer alternative for him to play with. Especially inside our house. DOOG Stick Family Fetch Toys are a great and much safer alternative to your dog using a stick. I love that these toys float. Finding something for Diesel to play with in the pool in the summer can be so hard. He has ruined so many pool floats thinking we were playing fetch when we are just tossing them back into the pool. 

I also love that these Stick Family Fetch Toys are not only super cute, but have the best names on them. They include a piece of rope on them, making it so you don't have get your hand covered in doggy slobber to be able to play with your fur babies. Not only did Diesel love these toys, my boys loved being able to play with the dogs with them. I also think it is great that they come in two different sizes so your little dogs can have something to play with as well. 

DOOG also sent me a step in harness for Diesel. Now, here are some honest facts. My entire life I have owned dogs, big and small. I have never had a dog pull me as hard as Diesel. Over the summer he had took me down a few times, and I have been looking into harnesses ever since he took me down a few times. I will be honest though, I have always been very intimidated on if I could actually get Diesel to allow me to get a harness on, as well as have it put on correctly for him. Thankfully, DOOG has great harnesses. They are super easy to use. The first time I put Diesel into his harness, it took me just a few minutes of working with him to let me get it on. It is labeled for you to know whether you need to put it on his left or right side. It only took a few minutes for him to adjust. I then hooked him up to his leash to see if I could better control him. Even though he isn't fully grown yet, I need him to be able to be controlled on a leash before he gains another hundred plus pounds on me. I was amazed at the difference. He started prancing around the house with his harness on, and didn't want me to take it off. This will make walks with him so much easier. They have a great selection in different colors and designs, and even carry matching leashes. 

If you would like to check out these great products and many more from DOOG, please click here.

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